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Free Blesta Licenses at BuyVM!

Get a free Blesta Billing Panel License with every BuyVM service!

Manage your web hosting customers with ease using Blesta.

Regularly priced at $13.00/month it’s already an affordable billing panel, but BuyVM customers get it absolutely free.

What is Blesta? Blesta vs. WHMCS.

Blesta is a fully featured billing, support, & automation platform that eases the task of provisioning, invoicing, and providing support, to your customers.

Blesta contains the most popular features of other web hosting billing panels like WHMCS. Easily sign up new clients with custom order forms, process payments using the payment gateway of your choice, automate the creation of client services after payment, and manage support requests through the built-in ticket system.

Blesta supports most control panels (like our Free DirectAdmin Licenses) out of the box with no additional plugins needed. Popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe & BrainTree for Credit Card processing, and CoinPayments for cryptocurrency payments, are supported as well.

Here's a quick break down of the features Blesta includes.

Did we mention it's included for free?
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Screenshots of Blesta in Action

A glimpse into the world of Blesta

Clean lines make moving around Blesta speedy and uncluttered. Blesta provides over 99% of their source code, allowing you to modify or extend quite literally every part of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about BuyVM Blesta Licenses.
Can I order just a Blesta License?

If you wish to get a license for outside use, please visit the Blesta website.
Is this a trial license or limited in any way?

The license is a full blown Blesta license with all the trimmings.
How many licenses can I order?
You can buy as many licenses as you have BuyVM services.
Can I host my Blesta installation elsewhere?

Our licenses are for internal use only. Attempts to activate the license on an externally hosted install will result in the termination of your license and hinder your ability to get other BuyVM free software licenses in the future.
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