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Community Chat

BuyVM maintains official community chat channels where you can take part with fellow customers as well as some staff members. Be sure to read all of the rules and expectations below before proceeding. Privacy focused users should use Matrix. Always.

Here's a break down of each channel and its purpose.

Expect to be offended. Daily.

These channels contain discussions known to the state of California to cause cancer.


Community Chat Rules

Questions and answers about our community chat
Can I get help with my billing/support issue?
All billing requests must be done through a support ticket. While Discord is not an official support medium, there are many helpful people in channel that can assist with configuration issues and advice.
What if i'm not a customer?
You're still welcome to take part in general discussion. Asking for support may result in a channel ban. Any sort of solicitation will result in a channel ban.
I've been banned! I want to lodge a complaint!
Please be aware that our community chat is a privledge, not a right. If a channel operator bans you it's likely for a good reason. If you still wish to discuss your ban, please /query Francisco or /query Zigara.
Someone asked me for my password!
At no point will a Frantech employee ever ask you for your administrator password. All sensitive discussions must be conducted through a support ticket.
What did I just read/click?
As mentioned above, our channel is fairly liberal, meaning conversations, images, etc, will be shared that may offend you. We generally recommend you don't open images unless you know what to expect.
What are the details to connect to the Discord?
You can use our public invite link located here.
Have questions? We'll help answer all of them. CONTACT SUPPORT